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Over eighty percent of consumers begin their search for an attorney online. Eighty-five percent of executives consider law firm web sites important in their search for and evaluation of counsel. Fresh, valuable web content has never been more essential to your law firm marketing plan.

Legal web site Marketing Expert, Robert Algeri predicts:

… the law firm web site is about to undergo a revolution. Specifically, we expect law firm web sites to:

• Become more valuable. Web sites will rival face-to-face meetings in terms of their importance in business development.

• Become bigger. They will grow to accommodate much more content.

• Focus more on attorneys. Law firm web sites increasingly will cater to the business development needs of individual attorneys.

In short, a law firm’s web site will no longer be considered supplemental marketing collateral. Rather it will be thought of as a marketing platform that is central to all aspects of a firm’s marketing activity (on- and offline).

In order to maximize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) law firm web sites must have valuable, dynamic content that is constantly being refreshed.  Formulating interesting ideas, then researching and flushing them out to be published on your web site is time-consuming.  Now you can have all the new content you want without the effort. Julie M. Bordo, LLC offers a myriad of packages that will allow you build your web content and keep it fresh.  Your law firm will rise to the top of any search along with your profile, credibility and reputation.

What about the clients you’ve already cultivated? Don’t want to sound like you’re phishing with an unsolicited phone call? Wouldn’t it be incredible if your client looked forward to a communication from you?  Client alerts, social media posting and blogging are on the cutting edge of law firm marketing.  By giving clients information that they value, i.e. breakthrough cases, verdicts, and legislative and regulatory changes, you give them a reason to value you, consult you and recommend you. You instantly become the expert on an issue or you plant the seed that the client needs to tend to an impending legal matter or stand out in front of company executives.

To compound the value of digital marketing, you may also post alerts on your web site, add a web page for your blog, and link to your social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This gives a boost to your SEO, landing you even closer to the top of a potential client’s web search.

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