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Julie M. Bordo, LLC provides experienced legal counsel to businesses, and dedicates her polished research and writing talents to fellow attorneys. Julie’s 30 year legal career spans from plaintiff’s personal injury and mass tort class action litigation, to representing defendants and businesses. Her work performing a full menu of legal research and writing services for lawyers gives her a nuanced perspective from either side of the aisle. She has grown her practice to include serving as outside counsel to businesses such as a multi-billion-dollar consumer goods firm and a captive insurance company insuring over 1,200 members throughout the U.S.

As her career pivoted to its sweet spot, Julie sharpened her 360° view of business and deploys her unique ability to see it from all perspectives. She practices the philosophy that relationships are the most valuable assets in life and business. Her work is rooted in facilitating strong relationships and managing expectations through thoughtful, effective communication and transparent, thorough contractual agreements. When negotiating the resolution of disputes she enjoys success in crafting innovative solutions that preserve relationships, cultivate common ground and deescalate conflict.

The empty nest is not a place to rest for Julie. With two sons grown and flown, she and her husband of over 30 years pursue an active life cultivating their fertile minds. She currently serves on two boards of directors and has held multiple prior board and committee positions. Mentoring is one of Julie’s passions, in addition to mentoring young professionals and students, she is a mentor to entrepreneurs at the highly touted tech incubator 1871. She devotes her volunteer efforts to fighting income inequality through education. She also serves as a Congressional District Leader for The ONE Campaign, an advocacy organization founded by U2’s Bono, devoted to eradicating extreme global poverty and preventable disease.



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